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Animals and scenes of the Daintree Rainforest

This footage was shot during our camping trip to the daintree rainforest and sorroundings. We spotted Cassowaries Buy Scabo Stromectol without Prescription , Kookaburras, Forest dragons, Kangaroos and many others. What a beautiful rainforest Australia has. The aim was to test the movie capabilities of the D7000. Thus everything was filmed with the Nikon D7000, a Sigma 18-200mm and a Nikon 50mm F2.

YouTube Preview Image

Make sure to whatch it in HD!

Sort eBay Search by Bids

Not too long ago eBay discovered that the removal of the sort by bids feature forces customers to spend much more time on their site. What an absolute nightmare.

I have thus written a free program with AutoIt called Sesbyb to fix this situation. With this program the items of your eBay “BuyItNow” search will be sorted according to their sales rank, meaning items with most bids will appear first in the list.

Supported options include:
– Number of results to sort
– Local or global search
– Min and max price

Planned are the options to enter your own search url as well processing search results of more than 200 items if there is demand for thos features. Furthermore the whole string seperation process will be overhauled.

Sesbyb - Sorting search result by bids

Sesbyb – Sorting search result by bids

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